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our floral anatomy

 Ashlin Artemesia 

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from the author

our floral anatomy is a poetry collection about domestic abuse and the tricky seasons it wears. the poems are reflections and expressions of my experiences throughout these seasons, and my reactions to its weathers.


ofa is dearly dedicated to those who are searching for their water or sun in these seasons, to those who are experiencing the addictions of and confusions from a body or mind that manipulates love, whose home is turned sickly and unknown. this collection calls to recognize the tender aspects of abuse and how complex these dynamics are. 


all proceeds will be donated to Steps to End Domestic Violence.

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image by Gemma Cirignano, 2020


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images by Julia Blasius, 2020
image by Gemma Cirignano, 2020
image by Violet Antonick, 2021


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